Eco-Friendly Statement

   Bec’s Blossoms is designed to work on an advance notice, delivery based service program. This allows the company to uphold these measures below to keep our environment cleaner and as waste free as possible.


  •    Without relying on walk-in retail shoppers, Bec’s Blossoms is able to keep a specific inventory only based on the customers accounts’ needs, allowing for less waste or spoilage.
  •    Vase rentals are available for large events.
  •    We reuse all materials used in floral shipping packages from our wholesale accounts to our business.
  •    We donate left over wedding arrangements to local hospices and cancer wards in the area - just our way of spreading more smiles! 
  •    We purchase flowers from Colorado farmers, not only supporting the local community, but also cutting down on waste of time, energy and emissions from the shipping process.
  •    Some seasonal flowers will be grown in house, this allows for less transportation pollution and emissions from the shipping process.
  •    House plants will also be available for all special events and weddings to help eliminate the waste of always using cut flowers.
  •    Bec’s Blossoms goal is to be 99.9% paperless by creating a virtual storefront and using only customer correspondence via email, phone or text messages.
We want to make sure all of your flower dreams come true, while minimizing our effects on the planet.